breathing space

Have had a short breather recently over the TAFE spring vacation period. I just didn’t want to be particularly enmeshed in technology apart from my personal facebook and twitter accounts and some work and personal emails. Felt very nice to be out of the loop for a bit. I think that has indicated to me that a bit of technology is good for me, but not a whole lot.

the technology journey so far….

I have now created lots of new accounts and revitalised some old ones that had not been much used…

Twitter... I tweeted to QandA last night : first time I had done so! (though it didn’t go to air).

Educationally I could see this technology used to get students commenting and talking to each other during an on line session, or before/after, or to contribute their ideas or links they find relevant

LinkedIn... I originally set up the account a while ago, because I teach job seeking skills, and wanted to know how to use it so I could show students. Having added more to my profile and connected with lots more people, and joined a couple of LinkedIn groups, I can see how it could contribute to professional learning and networking. Some of the groups are very active with lots of discussions and collaboration happening.

Symbaloo…I found this a bit confusing to start, I have set it as my home page and will see if that helps me take control of the numerous different social media and links that i seem to now juggle every time I go on line. I guess it could be useful for this purpose for students as well…..

Pinterest….this one is definitely fun! I really enjoy the visual aspect of it. I think students would also enjoy this. I have as yet only set up two boards and following two others, so not much experience to go by yet.

Edmodo... I like the way we have used it in this course, with our facilitatorĀ  posting daily challenges or tasks. It is good to have access to everyone’s posts and progress this way. A definite alternative to Facebook for class situations. Not all students have or want a Facebook account.

WordPress.… this blog has been helpful in allowing a space to reflect. I don’t see myself as becoming a keen blogger though. In a way it can feel a little like being part of the ‘selfie’ phenomenon, with everyone and their dog obsessively blogging and posting about the minutiae of their lives and interests.

Overall I guess that is my main question about all the technology… just how many hours in the day are there? There is a seductiveness about all this stuff and it is easy to lose track of time and life itself. As i type this I can hear the warbles of the birds outside in the garden, and the scent of spring blossoms. A BIG part of me just wants to be out there in the world rather than searching for ‘stuff’ on line…….At times it feels like a big net waiting to gather me up and never let me out….

avoiding the avalance

I created this blog a few weeks back, at the beginning of the crash course that is the Sept Social Media class. Thinking at the time, it would be good to get a few accounts set up so I could go straight to them during the week spent focusing on that particular social media form. Glad I did, but mildly surprised today thatĀ I actually remembered my login and password for WordPress. But here I am, and trying to duck the avalanche of new information, ideas and platforms in the social media world.

It has been an interesting, exciting and daunting journey thus far.